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An SGD Current Account with interest rates of up to 1.88% p.a. complete with complementary features for your business.


SGD Current Account offers convenient chequing facilities for the convenience of your business.

Our Foreign Currency Current Account comes in a wide range of major currencies for your business' every need.

Enjoy preferential rates and get the most out of your funds when you deposit them into the CIMB SGD Business Interest Current Account.

Our CIMB USD Interest Plus Current Account was designed solely for businesses with USD requirement in which we will provide competitive rates to enhance your liquidity with the Bank.

This Shariah-compliant account offers you the ease of managing your SGD cash balances and offers your business the convenience of a chequing facility.

The USD Wadiah Current Account-i is a Shariah-compliant account ideal for businesses that conduct USD transactions on a regular basis.

Get the most out of your funds by depositing them into the SGD Business Wadiah Current Account-i. This Shariah-compliant account offers one of the highest historical hibah rates and the flexibility of accessing your balances anytime.

Enjoy high historical hibah rates on your USD funds and at the same time, enjoy the convenience of accessing your cash using the Shariah-compliant USD Business Wadiah Current Account-i.

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