• CIMB Foreign Currency Current Account

Available In Most Major Currencies

Choose from a wide range of foreign currencies, such as USD, AUD, EUR, NZD, GBP, JPY, CNH, CHF, HKD and CAD.

Access To BizChannel@CIMB

Manage your business accounts remotely, from any location, with BizChannel@CIMB Online Banking.

Waiver Of Cheque Book


Enjoy complimentary cheques issued.

Complimentary Monthly Statements

Ease the process of reconciling your accounts with monthly statements provided at no extra cost.

Minimum Initial Deposit

  • AUD1,000 / CNH15,000 / EUR1,000 / GBP1,000 / HKD5,000 / JPY500,000 / USD1,000

Minimum Monthly Average Balance

  • As per minimum initial deposit, otherwise the following fees apply:

    AUD10 per month / CNH50 per month / EUR7.5 per month / GBP5 per month / HKD50 per month / JPY1,000 per month / USD10 per month

Non-interest bearing for Foreign Currency Current Account.

Please find all accompanying fees and charges in our Corporate Pricing Guide.

Terms & Conditions apply.

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