• CIMB Clicks For Cards

Now there's a faster way to view your CIMB Credit Card transactions! Simply register for CIMB Clicks Internet Banking service and you can view your past, current and unbilled credit card transactions anytime at your convenience!

A Few Simple Steps To Get You Started

Step 1

Apply for CIMB Clicks Internet Banking and perform a First-Time Login at cimbclicks.com.sg after receiving your CIMB Clicks Activation Code via mail.

Step 2

Create your own CIMB Clicks ID and password.

Step 3

Upon login, link your CIMB Clicks account to your CIMB Credit Card(s) and you will be able to view the transactions instanty.

CIMB Clicks Internet Banking now lets you view your Credit Card Transactions.

Beside accessing information on your accounts and banking facilities, CIMB Clicks enables you to view past, current and unbilled transactions for all your CIMB Credit Card(s) as well.

Log in to your CIMB Clicks account at www.cimbclicks.com.sg today and follow the simple steps below:

Step 1

  • On the left menu, select 'Link MY CIMB Credit Card' under the heading 'Clicks Setting'.
  • Enter any of your 16-digit CIMB Credit Card number in the box provided and click 'Submit'.

Step 2

After submission, select 'CIMB Credit Card' under the heading 'Account Enquiry'.

Step 3

Proceed to view the transactions by selecting the credit card number.

Now that your CIMB Credit Card(s) are linked,  you can choose to enrol for E-Statement by following these additional steps:

  • Select ‘(Credit Cards) View Statement Setting’ under the heading ‘E-Statements’.
  • Select the option ‘Sign Up for E-Statement’ and click ‘Submit’.


Terms and conditions apply for the Electronic BankingE-Statement and E-Alerts Services. This new feature is not available on Clicks on Mobile.