• Merchant Solution

Faster Time To Credit


Enjoy better cash flow when you receive funds in your CIMB Merchant Account the very next day from your customer’s card payment transactions.

Accept Card Payment On The Go

With mobile Point-of-Sales (mPOS) solution, you can now accept credit card payments straight from your smartphone anytime, anywhere. Not only is mPOS a lower-cost alternative to standard EDC terminals, it provides added convenience to your customers too.

Centralised View Of Your Transactions

Via a single online portal, you can track and reconcile all your card payment transactions across the various payment acceptance channels with ease.

Single Point Of Convenience

From on-boarding to ongoing technical support, you can save yourself the hassle of dealing with multiple parties and fully dedicate your time to the running of your daily business.



Gain access to ready funds with our overdraft facility. On top of greater flexibility, enjoy zero interest when you utilise up to 65% of the overdraft limit.

Note: CIMB Bank reserves its right to review and approve the credit facility and limit to be extended to the merchant. 0% interest only applies to 65% of the credit limit. The credit facility will be subject to fees.