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Our Fixed Deposits come with attractive rates for all the major currencies including SGD, USD, CNH, AUD and EUR. We are able to quote a wide range of tenures to cater to your liquidity or investment requirements (up to 5 years for selected currencies).

Short-Term Money Market Deposits (STMMD) serves as an alternative to your Fixed Deposits, with shorter tenures ranging from overnight to a maximum of 1 year. The account-opening process for is more streamlined compared to Fixed Deposits. Similar to SGD Fixed Deposits, STMMD is covered under the Deposit Insurance Scheme.

Our Structured Deposits combine elements of savings and investments, with returns being derived from a mix of assets such as interest rates, equities, currencies and commodities. An example of a Structured Deposit offered is the Callable Range Accrual that has the potential to earn higher interest, with a 100% principal guarantee if held to maturity.

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