• Islamic Treasury

We offer hedging tools to assist in managing your Forex exposures, helping to minimise the risks of currency fluctuations and volatility.

Islamic Foreign Exchange Spot

FX transaction under Bai' al-Sarf, arrangement for settlement of foreign currency on the same day.

Islamic Foreign Exchange Forward

FX transaction under Bai' al-Sarf and Wa'ad , exchanging a specified amount of different currencies at some future date, with the exchange rate being set at the time the contract is entered into.

Islamic Foreign Exchange Swap

FX transaction under Bai' al-Sarf and Wa'ad , arrangement for settlement of one currency for another with two different value dates.

Manage fixed or floating rate exposure in your assets and liabilities with our profit rate options.

Islamic Profit Rate Swap


An agreement that allows you to swap your profit rate obligation of the same currency from fixed to floating and vice-versa.

Cross Currency Profit Rate Swap

Similar to a Profit Rate Swap, except that this involves the exchange of principal and profit in one currency for the principal and profit in another currency.

Generate better returns on your SGD and foreign currency funds with our deposit products.

Islamic Fixed Deposits


Our Islamic Fixed Deposits come with attractive rates for SGD and USD currencies. We are able to quote a wide range of tenures to cater to your liquidity or investment requirements (up to 5 years for selected currencies).

Islamic Structured Deposits

Our Islamic Structured Deposits combine elements of savings and investments, with returns being derived from a mix of assets such as equities, currencies and commodities. An example of an Islamic Structured Deposit offered is the Whither USD-SGD that has the potential to earn higher profit.

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