• CIMB Coffee Conversation

Has economics baffled you? Or you’ve never quite understood how you’re affected by the intricacies of the economy?

CIMB Bank presents CIMB Coffee Conversation with foodie economist, Song Seng Wun. Feel the pulse of the economy through lively anecdotes peppered with food metaphors as Seng Wun addresses on-trend topics and dishes out views and tips relevant to you.

Read, watch and hear CIMB Private Banking economist, Song Seng Wun in action:

  • The Sunday Times, Invest Section and Lianhe Zaobao on Sundays for four weeks from 9 October, 2016
  • Weekly videos on ST online, Zaobaosg and CIMB Bank websites
  • Radio clips on Kiss 92FM

Want to know what low interest rates have to do with kopi-o or how to turn $7 beer into frothy savings?

Follow this four-part video as CIMB Private Banking economist Song Seng Wun shares economic insights through his brand of “bellynomics” – a meld of economics and gastronomics.