• CIMB Credit Cards - How To Get Started

Option 1:

SMS to '76888' (between 8am to 10pm daily)


ACTVCARD<space>Principal Cardmember's NRIC/Passport No.<space>16-digit CIMB Credit Card No.


Note: Only the mobile number that is registered with the Bank can be used to send activation SMS. Transaction(s) can only be made upon activation of the card.


Principal Cardmember will need to activate their supplementary cards (if any).


To activate magnetic stripe for overseas use, please call (65)  6333 6666.


Option 3:

Simply call our 24-hour CIMB Credit Cards Customer Service Hotline at

(65) 6333 6666.

Option 2:

Step 1: Login to CIMB Clicks Internet Banking

Step 2: Select 'Credit Cards' on the menu on the left sidebar

Step 3: Select 'Activate my Credit Card'

Step 4: Select the Credit Card(s) which you would like to activate and follow the instructions thereafter.

Instant access via CIMB Clicks Internet Banking

Avoid the hassle of digging through your paper statements.



Safeguard your account and view your card’s transactions anytime, anywhere.

Access 12 months of past statements

Download and review past statements from your month of enrolment.

For your convenience, we have enrolled your eligible CIMB Credit Card account(s) for the E-Statement facility.

What are the steps ahead?

  1. Your registered mobile number with the bank will be registered for the One Time Pin (OTP) verification.
  2. A 6 digit Clicks Activation Code pin mailer will be sent to your registered mailing address within 5 business days from your card approval date.
  3. Please follow the instructions enclosed in the PIN mailer to perform your First Time Login to CIMB Clicks Internet Banking service at www.cimbclicks.com.sg 
    • Create your own CIMB Clicks ID and password.
    • Upon Login, select “Clicks Settings” on the left-hand panel
    • Select “Link My CIMB Credit Card”

Once your Credit Card(s) has/have been successfully linked, you will immediately be able to view your monthly E-Statements for the past 12 months.

Should you wish to receive monthly email notifications when your E-Statements are ready for viewing, simply:

  1. Login to CIMB Clicks
  2. Go to “E-Statements” and select “(Credit Cards) View Statement Settings”
  3. You may update your email address and indicate that you would like to receive the monthly notifications.