• CashLite

Low Interest Rates*


Enjoy preferential rates with the CIMB CashLite personal instalment loan.

Flexible Loan Tenures


Take a 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 year loan. The choice is yours. The possibilities, endless.

Generous Credit Line


Get your financial health up to 100%, with financing of up to 90% of your credit limit.

Instant Loan Disbursement^

Apply now and get your cash instantly!

Loan Amount S$1,000 & Above

Tenure (Years) Interest Rate (% p.a) Effective Interest Rate (% p.a)




Enjoy rates as low as 4.50*

2 8.41
3 8.41
4 8.36
5 8.29

Here's how much you'll save with CIMB CashLite Personal Instalment Loan of S$20,000 for 12 months @ 4.50%* p.a. (EIR: 8.21% p.a.).

Interest & Savings Amount (S$)
Interest Payable at 25% p.a. with other credit cards for 12 months S$5,000
Interest Payable with CIMB CashLite Personal Instalment Loan for 12 months S$900
YOU SAVE (82%) S$4,100

Click here for details on fees and charges pertaining to CIMB CashLite.

*Your approved interest rate will be determined based on your risk profile and may differ from the published rate. If you are a new CIMB Credit Cardmember, you will receive a call from CIMB Bank with your approvable rate only after your CIMB Credit Card’s approval. 


^Instant Loan Disbursement is subject to the approval of your CIMB CashLite Personal Instalment Loan application. 


Please note the minimum loan amount is S$1,000 and you may be granted up to a maximum of 90% of your credit limit. 


For all Terms & Conditions governing the CIMB CashLite Personal Instalment Loan, you can learn more by clicking on the links below: