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Managed by professional Fund Managers, get access to a wide range of asset classes which may be difficult for you to invest in directly. With a diversified portfolio, your risks will also be spread out.

Comprising of both deposit and investment elements, your principal will be guaranteed upon maturity and potential returns are dependent on the performance of the underlying investment.

A short-term foreign currency investment which not only allows you to enjoy potentially higher returns but also capitalise on currency market movements at the same time.

Offering aggressive pricing, superior liquidity and reliable execution, FX Margin Trading is the most intuitive and complete FX trading platform in the market. Start trading from anywhere on a wide range of currencies and get a competitive edge with live market information feeds.

The SRS is a voluntary savings scheme that encourages individuals to save more for retirement while enjoying attractive tax benefits. On top of that, make your SRS funds work harder by investing them with CIMB. 

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