• Enhanced Security

1. Add new Funds Transfer beneficiaries as “Favourite” accounts
2. Add new Bill Payment payees as “Favourite” accounts
3. Perform Funds Transfer or Bill Payments to “Non-Favourite” accounts
4. Perform Telegraphic Transfer
5. Change Clicks Internet Banking Daily Limits
6. Change Email Address or Mobile Number to receive Transaction Alerts

You will be provided with on-screen instructions to guide you on using the Clicks Security Device when you perform above transactions.

Note: Please activate your Security Device before using it. 

This portable Clicks Security Device provides you with maximum security of our internet banking services. It is given free of charge to customers upon request.

Replacement of Clicks Security Devices which are defective or with battery which is low (display will show “BATT”) will be free of charge. However, if you’ve lost or damaged the device, a charge of SGD$20 will apply.


Habits that you should cultivate:

• Always keep your Clicks Security Device in a safe and secured place. 
• Your Clicks Security Device should be kept in a dry place that is safe from extreme fluctuation of temperature.
• Personalize your Clicks Security Device if you choose. For example, eg. you can attach it to a special key chain or a sticker design. However, do not stick on anything that may disclose your indentity such as eg. your name, and mailing address etc.

Habits that you should avoid:

• Do not place your Clicks Security Device on any wet surface or submerge it underwater as the device will be damaged.
• Do not expose the Clicks Security Device to extreme temperatures eg. leaving it on the dashboard of your car which is parked under the scorching sun.
• Do not drop your Clicks Security Device.
• Do not tamper with the Clicks Security Device eg. opening the device, removing the battery or circuit board, etc.
• Do not let your child or pet play with it as a toy.